7 Fascinating Things about the Highland Cow

The highland cow is arguably Scotland’s most prominent resident. Renowned for their beautiful hairy coats and long horns, the highland cattle in the Cairngorms has found quite a reputation. The iconic animal is quite famous for its appearance and its friendly temperament. Behind the common image of the well-loved cattle, there are many facts and characteristics that […]

4 Reasons to Visit Highland Cattle in the Cairngorms

A trip to Scotland is incomplete without visiting the serene Highlands. The blue of the Loch Ness and the windy hilltops present an impeccable landscape. When in the highlands, one of the most cherished Scottish experiences is meeting the adorable Highland cattle. The cute and iconic cattle can be found throughout the Highlands. Some travellers […]

Hairy Cow Experience – Get Acquainted with the Highland Breed

The Highland cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle. With hairy coats, curved horns and a trendy fringe, the highland cows are a pretty sight. The beautiful beasts are regarded superior in many aspects, as compared to the other breeds. However, people living in the cities do not know much about these beautiful creatures. […]