4 Reasons to Visit Highland Cattle in the Cairngorms

4 Reasons to Visit Highland Cattle in the Cairngorms

A trip to Scotland is incomplete without visiting the serene Highlands. The blue of the Loch Ness and the windy hilltops present an impeccable landscape. When in the highlands, one of the most cherished Scottish experiences is meeting the adorable Highland cattle. The cute and iconic cattle can be found throughout the Highlands. Some travellers even have the opportunity to see highland cattle on roadside fields while driving around. You can also visit Highland cattle in the Cairngorms at various farms and croft houses. 

Here are some reasons why you should visit the highland cattle:

  1. Representing the Scottish history: Highland cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world. Having originated in the Highlands of Scotland around the 6th century, they are an integral part of Scotland’s history. When you visit Highland cattle, farm owners and breeders will tell you about the rich history of the Highlands. You can also live at farm accommodations to experience living in the traditional houses along with the farm animals.
  2. An excellent temperament: Highland cattle in the Cairngorms is renowned for having a friendly nature. The cows gladly interact with tourists, often approaching people to capture their attention. Spending time with and petting a Highland cow is an experience loved by kids and adults alike. Many farms raise them for showing, allowing tourists to walk the cows or comb their hair.
  3. A photo opportunity: Highland cattle have thick hair coats, curved horns and a long, fringed hairstyle. With an appearance quite similar to a teddy bear, highland cows are considered as one of the cutest domestic animals. Being highly interactive and photogenic, they are always the centre of attraction and tourist photographs. In many instances, the highland cows have been found gladly posing for pictures. 
  4. Learn more about their abilities: Highland cows are much more than cute animals. They are regarded as superior to other breeds in many aspects. The thick hair coat allows them to withstand extremely cold conditions. They have excellent grazing habits that make them a preferred choice for conservation grazing. Finally, highland cows are remarkable mothers. They often breed even beyond the age of 18 and can raise more than 15 calves.

The highland cows are an exceptional breed of cattle. With amazing qualities and friendly nature; they are truly deserving of being a favourite. A trip to the Cairngorms to see highland cattle will definitely be a joyous trip and a learning experience.   

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